Mirror Selfie

Hey! My name is Annabelle.

But you probably know me as Belle.

I'm 29 30! years old, my favourite colour is mint blue and I've been making websites since I was 11 or 12. I aim to make each website I make fun for both myself and the visitor, with heavy influences of the early to mid 00's blogosphere. When not making websites or salvaging Photoshop resources, I enjoy painting and reading.
I also occasionally dabble in analogue photography, knitting & making rag rugs, collecting Japanese Tamagotchis (from 1996 - present, my favourite being the Tamagotchi P's) and playing Animal Crossing. I'm teaching myself the fundamentals of drawing, and after work I like to go to the gym. I also really love making lists.

You can find me on Instagram and Threads. I don't give out my Discord publicly, but if you see me in a server, say hi!

Blinkie for the game series Animal Crossing Blinkie for Bisexuality Blinkie for graphics making Blinkie for the band My Chemical Romance Blinkie for the Pisces astrological sign Blinkie for the support of Trans Rights Blinkie for Whales