Hey, that's this place! My 'umbrella' website, where I showcase all of my current websites and talk about past ones. Opened 2023. is a project where I salvage lost Photoshop resources (brushes, textures, pixels, icons) from dead websites, repair them where needed, and repackage them. Began 2021.
Instagram account that showcases the lost layouts of blogs from the early to late 00s, prepare to be nostalgic for the webdesign trends of yesteryear. Repaired and recoded to their former glory. Began 2021.
Website for the zine 'Queen Beat'; a zine ran by myself and others who met in a private discord server, and features the writings, photographs, art and general good vibes of female internet friendship. Began 2021.
Piczo @
Made during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, my shrine to the now defunct web-hosting service Piczo: includes my past blogs and personal photographs from 2005-2013. Opened 2020.
Avenue @
Personal blog site featuring layouts made in Photoshop. Opened 2019.
Artist's portfolio, featuring my paintings and sketchbooks from 2011 to now. Opened 2011.